Can You Escape Gettysburg? The 1863 Escape

There are a lot of amazing activities to take part in when visiting Gettysburg, but for a truly unique experience you might want to check into the 1863 Escape on Baltimore street. The 1863 Escape is an escape room with an historic twist. When you show up here you’ll be taken back into the 1800s while trying to solve the puzzles and riddles in order to break free. The 1863 Escape has three rooms to choose from including a Train Station, a Spirited Study, and behind enemy lines in a Confederate Generals quarters.

This happened to be our first time taking part in an escape room so it was a fun first experience for sure.  We booked a room called the Gettysburg Gold Train Escape. This room involved trying to locate gold on a Gettysburg train before the Confederates could raid it. The room involved solving some puzzles in a mock train station in order to work our way to the location of hidden gold before our hour was up. Luckily we were not on our own completely, the guide does offer up some hints when requested in order to assist on the journey.

It is really important for me to not give too much information on this escape room as I believe it’s important for you to figure it out for yourself. I will say this however: it was a really fun time. Did we escape before the hour was up? Not quite. Despite the fact that we were close we came up just a bit shy of making the escape over the hour we were given. Fortunately we were let loose and able to take this amazing photo with some of the signs provided.

Overall I would have to say it was an enjoyable experience even though we didn’t quite make it. I would offer up some advice for anyone looking to try the escape room in Gettysburg: don’t overthink it. There is only so much time to solve the puzzles and way more information provided than what is needed. That however is all I am going to say because I want you all to head over the 1863 Escape and book a room. You will not regret it. It is truly a fun and unique way to spend some time in Gettysburg for your next visit.


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