The Gettysburger Company

The Gettysburger from appetizers to dessert is absolutely delicious. As soon as you walk in to get seated it feels very inviting. Their menu has many different and very unique options for hamburgers. They offer wings, sandwiches, salad and much more!

We started off with fried pickles for our appetizer. They are pickle chips with breaded coating served with ranch. They were crispy and had a good dill flavor that goes great with their ranch dressing.

I ordered an apple burger, it has granny smith apple slices, cheddar cheese, bacon, and salted caramel apple butter sauce on a brioche roll. Let me tell you this is one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. I know you’re probably thinking apples on a burger? Salted caramel apple butter sauce? What is wrong with you? It is honestly so good that it opens up all of your taste buds.

Eric ordered a chipotle burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo on a Kaiser roll. The Chipotle (pronounced Chip-Oat-Lay) sauce is a nice blend of sweet and spice that goes perfect with either a burger or chicken. On a side note, every single burger on the menu can be made with grilled or crispy chicken.

They also offer you either chips, sidewinder fries, and coleslaw to go along with the burger you order. Eric and I always get the sidewinder fries. They are basically a breaded potato wedge that is curly. The sidewinder fries are very flavorful and a unique change from the usual.

For dessert I had peanut butter cheese cake, let me tell you it had my taste buds exploding with delicious goodness. It has a chocolate bottom with a layer of peanut butter, from there is the cheesecake. They top it with chocolate and peanut butter on top with peanut butter cup chunks on the top. Every bite is packed full of the flavors peanut butter and chocolate.

We had a great experience and we believe you will love the food. The Gettysburger is located at 35 Chambersburg Street here in Gettysburg. When you get a chance to get there, let us know what you ordered and how you liked it! Follow Welcome to Gettysburg on Instagram, give us a like on Facebook, and watch along on TikTok.

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