Back Alley Axe

Gettysburg may be mostly known for the Battlefield and historical value, but there are a lot of other fun activities that can be experienced here as well. One of these includes the Back Alley Axe throwing location on Baltimore Street in downtown Gettysburg. Located right across from the Adams County library, this is a fun activity that is well within walking distance of many of the in town hotels.

Erik and I went for an hour session of axe throwing and it was quite an enjoyable experience. It’s likely many of you have never been axe throwing before, but that’s completely ok. They start you off with a coaching session explaining the various axes and throwing techniques you can use. The coach also sticks around during the session offering some good advice to help you stick your axe like a pro.

During our session we were teamed up against a father and son duo that were visiting the town. We played a game called 21 that was a variation of Cornhole except for with sharp axes (bonus points in my book). There are also a variety of other games such as Cricket and Killshot that can be played as well. Another fun addition is an upgraded Zombie board that actually spits out zombie blood if you can hit your shot right.

Our time at Back Alley Axe was certainly fun. We split some boards, hit some targets, and even threw on a Viking hat for an awesome photo opportunity. Open year round, you can easily get your axe on by either booking a session online or walking right in. So if you’re in town and looking to take a break from the museums and shops, maybe stopping by Back Alley Axe at 123 Baltimore Street could be just the ticket.

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