Gettysburg Heritage Center

This wonderful museum has been in operation since 2015 and became nonprofit in 2019. The Gettysburg Heritage Center offers living history, artifacts on display, and much more! They offer visitors a look into the battle of Gettysburg through the civilian lives, and through the soldiers on the field. This is one unique museum that you won’t want to miss out on!

They show you a movie that is about 20 minutes long that is very informative about the battle and the positions of the regiments. Where wax figures are set up below that light up towards the end of the movie. It brings the history alive and makes you think what these men and women went through.The artifacts in this museum are something to see. They even have the note that Johnston “Jack” Skelly had written to Mary Virginia “Jennie” Wade. 3-D video and photography help to make this a fun and unique feature you won’t find anywhere else. The images literally pop out at you and bring another dimension to the history. They play mini video movies throughout the museum where you learn more about the history of the civil war.

The cellar experience is something not to miss out on. When going in, you sit down on the bench, and you look at the windows they have. From there you will see what the town people had seen and witnessed out their windows of the cellar. Along with what you would have heard above you when they had taken over your house. You hear encounters from the civilian who lived there during the battle of Gettysburg. You experience what it was like as a resident to hide in the cellar during the three days of battle.

The souvenir shop has a lot to offer here as well with book from history to haunts, Coffee mugs, t-shirts, Statues made from pewter, and much more! This place all in all is amazing and something you should not even miss out on.

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